MuLan Taiwanese Cuisine

 228 Broadway
Cambridge, MA

Arrogant manager offering a partial dish

Since it was a very busy night when we entered the restaurant, the female manager came to take our order. One of the dishes we ordered was #129, “Chinese Squash with Mountain Nagaimo and Bamboo”. When we saw the dish, it missed one of the most important ingredients. The waitress said the chef must have forgotten it and then broght the dish back to the kitchen to add the ingredient. Soon she brought the same dish back to our table and said they were out of that ingredient. I asked, “How much do you charge for this partial dish?” She went to ask the manager at the counter. The manager gave her a long lecture, but we couldn’t hear it because our table was too far. This waitress came back and said, “You can cancel this dish.” None of them offered any apology. The arrogance was very clear.

By the way, this place’s noise level is unbearable. We’ll not go there again.

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