Dunkin' Donuts

 1202 Boston Providence Tpke
Norwood, MA

Discrimination,fraud,Filth.Stealing from sick children!

I am a former employee of this particular Dunkin Donuts. It needs to be known that this store has taken tips away from employees for no reason AGAIN, yet this time, was told by the DM Ricardo Ponte, NOT to put any money/tips left behind by customers into the Childrens Hosptal Funds boxes that are on the counters which we were informed to do by previous managers. He insisted we put all extra money left for US for our good service, into the extra slot in the cash register so the STORE could keep it for themselves! I find this absolutely disgusting.

Secondly, I had been there almost 2 years and was out for personal reasons, and another employee hired only about a month before me who has also been there 2 years was recently “fired” stating she was too slow and talked to the customers too much! NEVER an issue until…..COINCIDENTLY..she was the only one left there after the new management and employees hired..that spoke english. She was hired 2 years ago FULL TIME and has been full time ever since. Never a customer complaint. Never a problem. Since the last 2 managers ( in the past 6 months) took over, Both Brazilian, Hired by the Brazilian DM, her hours were cut for every new “Brazilian” person hired. When fired she was down to 20 something hours a week. All but 2 employees there are now Brazilian. The remaining employees that aren’t, are part time. One has been cut down to 12 hours!
Since I’ve been out of work there we have lost over 1/2 of our customers and now have them complaining that they can not understand the employees there and ALWAYS get the wrong order. Even though they are regular customers. I have several who email me about what is going on and how they are treated and I am appauled! Wrong orders, No english, and have several complaints about employees cleaning or touching certain things and not changing gloves OR wearing no gloves AT ALL while making sandwiches!!
There are employees in the stores owned by this person, who are NOT american and use different names on their paychecks and i’m SURE different SS #s..I believe most likely former employees that havent caught on yet..I’ll be watching mine…..and after a month or 2 of looking into this I’ve found it’s common for this to go on in MANY Dunkin Donuts!
They don’t want thier customers to have a “pleasant experience” and to actually enjoy thier visits and keep coming back, OBVIOUSLY, since they’ve lost half of them already. They simply want you IN and OUT. They find it an “asset” to them that you can’t hold a conversation with any of thier employees. But, Nor can you get your order understood or made right. Hopefully soon the Attorney Generals Office, Labor Board, Children’s Hospital and especially Immigration will start catching on to this “trend” and fix this problem. And it IS a big problem.

I wouldnt eat anything there even when I worked there!

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