Rose Garden

 10565 University Ave Ne
Blaine, MN


Terrible. The food is disgusting and the service is the worst I’ve ever experienced. Went for their “buffet” yesterday where they really just bring the food out in bowls and ask if you want any. Sounds like a fun idea UNLESS…you sit at the wrong end of the restaurant. The servers always start on one end and work their way around so, by the time they got to us, the food was gone! We were lucky if we got a few crumbs at the bottom. We even asked multiple servers if they could start on our end of the restaurant and they said yes but never did! They even walked right past our table on multiple occasions on the rare times they had food we wanted!

The next day we called to speak with the owner about our experience and that we wouldn’t be back. He literally told me, “Good. We don’t want your business.”

Do yourself a favor and skip the headache with this place. There are way too many great Chinese restaurants in the area that know how to treat their customers.

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