Cacia Bakery

 1215 Mac Dade Blvd
Folsom, PA

Cacia's sells stale, burnt pizza and stale rolls

This is not the Cacia’s Bakery that your parents came to know and love.

Over the past 5 years, but especially the past couple of years, my wife and I have gone to Cacia’s less and less. When we want Cacia rolls that are fresh, we go up the street to Roy Tweedys or Trio’s on MacDade Blvd in Milmont

My wife and I have not been to Cacia’s in awhile because the last two times we went to Cacia’s, the little, obese, foul mouthed owner, sold us cold, crappy, greasy, stale pizza and rolls that were also stale. And it was only 11 a.m…

I was in there sometime in 2013, and the owner was yapping on and on about him being under house arrest for a DUI and that he didn’t really do it. I could hardly believe the guy was complaining to me about his being under house arrest. Very strange

Anyway, we went home and I did a criminal background check on the owner at the Delaware County Courthouse website, and the Cacia’s Bakery Owner has a criminal record that goes as far back as the 1980s. He had a bunch of different criminal convictions and scams, all documented and available for public review.

Everybody deserves a second chance, but the fact is, the pizza is very greasy and every pizza sold, that has cheese on it, sits out on the counter for 9 hours. Cheese is dairy and dairy needs to be refrigerated. The whole set up is gross. Wingers and Pat’s, both located on MacDade Blvd, has far, far better pizza and it is always baked fresh.

And NEVER, EVER buy pizza from Cacia’s on a Wednesday, if at all, because you likely will end being sold pizza that was left over from the previous Saturday or Sunday. We know this to be true because we know a former Cacia’s employee who used to work behind the counter

Besides the stale food that Cacia’s routinely sells, the owner curses and uses the crudest foul language. We never experienced such odd behavior from any proprietor of any small business that we ever patronized. If you go into Romas Deli, Roy Tweedys, Pat’s Pizza, McDonalds, Zacs, Nifty Fiftys, CVS, Last HotDog Stand, you never hear the owners or employees screaming and cursing. NEVER!!

Finally, Cacia’s Bakery best years are behind it. At least this Cacia’s Bakery is owned and operated by a former convict who spent time in prison, and he routinely sells the public, stale greasy pizza that sits out on a counter for 7 or 8 hours, all day, before being sold to some unsuspecting customer.

The bread and rolls used to be sold fresh many years ago, but my wife and I, and several of our friends, have had bad experiences when we were repeatedly deceived and sold stale bread and rolls.

If you call the Cacia’s original flagship store located in South Philly, and you try and complain about the Cacia’s Folsom store, the south Philly Cacia’s are very clear and will let you know that they have nothing to do with the Folsom Cacia’s Bakery. And for good reason, because even the folks at Cacia’s Bakery in South Philly, are aware that the Cacia’s in Folsom has alot of customer complaints about selling stale pizza and rolls

Call the South Philly store and tell them you want to complain about Cacia’s Folsom, and see for yourself what they tell you. You will be amazed. Definitely a red flag

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