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The Chimes

 3357 Highland Rd
Baton Rouge, LA

I'm making this a 4 so that together with the 3 review, i...

I’m making this a 4 so that together with the 3 review, it can be a 3.5, which is what it deserves.

I don’t care what any critic says, the Chimes is awesome.

First of all, it’s literally 8 feet from campus… pretty much on campus. It has a shit-ton of beers on tap…. and I’ve never had a bad dish. It’s cheap Louisiana food. The fried seafood platter is really good… the stuffed shrimp are the highlight.

This place has GREAT sides. The stuffed potato and the house salad are awesome… their homemade Italian dressing might be my favorite salad dressing out there… it’s best toward the end of the night… it seems like you have a better chance of getting your lettuce really soaked in the stuff.

As far as Baton Rouge restaurants go, there’s not much in the price range that can beat it. Mike Anderson’s, it’s primary competitor, is pretty good, but compared to Chimes isn’t worth the money (unless you get the biggest platter they have). When you factor in the environment and game day convenience, it’s no contest.

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