Joe Greensleeves Restaurant

 220 Orange St
Redlands, CA

nasy, foul service and food

We just had an appalling, horrible and insulting experience at Joe Greensleeves. Going in all excited only to experience nasty, rude and sarcastic customer service. Not only was my dates Deer venison served gamey, it was grizzly and could not be eaten. When I tried it, I had to spit it out, leaving a nasty taste in my mouth I could not wash away. My calamari was chewy and rubbery and would not give to my bite. I put it to the side, inedible. The mussels and clams were starting to turn. The broth they were in was a salty flavored water, instead of the rich butter, wine, garlic sauce I was promised. The crayfish, ( not lobster as stated ! ), was overcooked and shriveled. The unidentifiable fish still had the mealy “crust” on it. The butter for the bread was well worked over and had obviously been passed around to several other tables and well handled before being served to us.

When I asked to exchange my dish. The waiter said he would box my meal. I said “I do not want this boxed ! Why in the world would I want a dish boxed that I cannot eat ? “ How insulting ! When I asked for an exchange, they refused and said we would be charged for the dish regardless. I wanted to exchange for another dish that I knew would be difficult to ruin. Ha !
So we left our meal sitting on the table, and paid the bill in full. What a sour taste ! We have been to many, many exquisite and fine dining restaurants around the world in the past 50 years. We have never, ever been so insulted and disappointed. Sad for us, sadder for them.

You should definitely eat here if you like being served by self-important snooty, condescending, disrespectful, jerks, with bad quality, mealy, gamey, grizzly, rubbery, chewy, and foul and inedible food, cooked by a pompous obnoxious narcissist cook, and served with overpriced wine.

Deer Venison

Deer ? Nasty, foul, mealy and gamey. I had to spit it out. Left a foul taste in my mouth.


Cioppino ? Rubbery, chewy, unbiteable Calamari. Shriveled crayfish, ( not even lobster ), an unidentifiable fish with the white film still on it. salty watery broth instead of the butter, wine, garlic sauce promised. Oysters and clams starting to turn.

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