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Mall and theme restaurants are an anathema; they should be nuked!

Accomplished home chef (once worked as a “real” chef) who enjoys eating well-prepared food.


A Taste of Greece

 935c Kinderkamack Rd
River Edge, NJ

IMO, the best Greek restaurant in Bergen!

OK, it’s small. And noisy. But you’re here for the food, not the ambiance, and the food is great! The owner/chef is a young fellow, recently here from Greece; he buys top ingredients, and cooks quite well.
I’ve had the Pork Gyro (excellent as a sandwich!); the Spinach-and-Feta Stuffed Chicken (really good), the Lamb Chunks with Orzo, and the Grilled Sausage – all are served with rice or fires and really, really good grilled veggies. They come with soup or salad (both excellent). And the price is right. Heartily recommended!

Pork Gyro Sandwich

Great! Tender pork shoulder, marinated and gyro-grilled, stuffed in Pita with tzatzike! Ummmmmmm…..

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Wow, thanks so much for all your wonderful reviews! :)

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