Vince's North Port Restaurant

 3142 N Market St
Shreveport, LA

This is a great restaurant

In response to Eatscritic review

First, as the owner of Vince’s North Port I regret we disppointed you, but I am glad both my server and management made the appropriate decisions to handle your complaint. We do have a great restaurant made up of a staff committed to great food, great service. From time to time every business is going to miss the mark and the difference in a good business and a bad business is how they handle these situations. My staff cares about our business and our customers. In the restaurant business, there are alot of critcal points of service. Along with your complaint, I also heard that you were greeted at the door and seated promptly. I heard that our server was friendly and promptly remedied the problem. I also hear that my manager did not charge you for something that you didn’t like. That is my guarantee!

Secondly, Ettouffee and spagehetti sauce are two difficult items to please 100% of the population. I believe it comes down to what your mother or grandmother made when you were growing up. Spaghetti sauce for example – some people like a sweet sauce, some like a chunky sauce, some like a meat sauce, some like a spicy sauce, etc. So our impressions of what we like or what is good is based on past experience. A restaurant could be world renown for their spaghetti sauce, but if it is a sweet sauce and you hate sweet spaghetti sauce – you probably won’t think it is very good. I believe the same goes for ettouffees. Etouffees can be roux based, cream based or tomato based. We make a cream based and it is very popular. If you are used to a roux based, it may not be your favorite.

Third, I am disappointed that you mention a chain restaurant as your recommendation for good seafood. I think someone with a palate like yours could have named several other restaurants known more for their food than their marketing skills.

Fourth, although we have approached our landlord several times about renovating the front of the restaurant – even as far as paying for professional designers and our willingness to pay for updating her building – we have been denied. We realize that we do not have the curb appeal we would like – but some of the best places I have found for regional food are the ones who have withstood the test of time but maybe aren’t as modern as the chains.

Fifth, I encourage our to visit our website to view other customer comments and the reveiws we have received from the media – including one newspaper over 100 miles away!

Vince’s is committed to serving great food in a warm, friendly atmosphere to some of the finest people – our neighbors! “Come get fresh with us”

Catfish and Shirmp Etoufee

Vince’s starts with a bed of rice tops it with your choice of fried or broiled catfish and covers it with shrimp or crawfish etouffee. It’s the sauce that makes this dish – combined with the mild catfish and sweet shrimp

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