Seashore Chinese

 5137 Calle Mayor
Torrance, CA

Oily deep fried maybefood with no seashore in miles

The photo on this page well depicts most of their food – VERY oily from unskilled (as compared to the flash frying Japanese tempura method) cooking. Chewing this food resembles chewing oil-soaked sponges. You can avoid that, as you should for health and weight reasons, they have fish and other dishes that are fine, although bland.

Another good reason for going to one of the many other good South Bay Chinese restaurants is the owner. We all have experienced princesses in business establishments. Well, this is the prince.

When, after an effort to make do with the oily tangerine chicken, a request was made to replace the oil soaked sponges with another dish, instead of simply stating that was not their policy, the owner became imperious and snippy and very rude …….. quite like a princess.

tangerine chicken,

oily and battered so really oily

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