Library Tavern

 1330 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA

Save your money, don't eat here

I took our family there, on my wife’s recommendation..she had gone there years ago as a student at William and Mary. My first clue for the type of experience we were about to encounter was being handed menus by the guy behind the counter, who would not seat us until we had ordered. (Kind of backwards, or is it me?) We ordered pizza and had the wings as the appetizer, which was our second mistake. My wife bit into her wing, which was RAW., causing her to become sick to her stomach, unable to eat the rest of her meal.The other wings weren’t much better..the guy behind the counter was the owner, as it turned out. He took the remaining wings, said he recooked them, and gave them back to us. YUCK! The best thing I can say about the pizza that it was hot. Upon paying, he didn’t even ask how our visit was. I guess he got the hint then he saw I didn’t leave a tip. If you’ve never been here before, save your money, and spend it just down the road at the College Delly.


Terrible..raw wings; the OWNER took them, and RECOOKED them, then RESERVED them, again. He admitted this without me even asking.

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