Joey's Pizzeria

 69-07 Grand Ave
Maspeth, NY

It's not always about the food...

I have to give this place one star and it has nothing to do with the food. I’d give it three stars for all the good reasons. Let me explain…

The cool facts about Joey’s Pizza in Maspeth is the food isn’t too bad and they’re open until 1AM; the problem there is that they seem to play around with the prices, especially when you’re not paying attention. This seems to have happen to us when we order delivery. They have made good on mistakes when at their place. The menu is indeed right there, so it’s easy to reference to it when all else fails.

IMO, folks don’t always go over their receipt, so a dollar or three here or there is not going to affect their lifestyle, but it will always help the establishment’s bottom line every time I’m afraid;-)

I’ve been ordering from them for over ten years going back to when it was called Caruana’s Pizza. For whatever reason, when it became “Joey’s” they seemed to have changed their mindset on how they handled their delivery orders. I noticed this problem from the very start, but back then, they did the right thing when you let them know about it. You simply asked them to check the menu price and they always made good!!!! Today, it’s a lot different because it has turned into arguments you will never win.

When you call them out on it, they tell you you’re wrong and that the prices went up (five years ago) even though their current menu and website have the amount you’re accustom to and just paid a few days earlier.

Case in point, we have been ordering their new “Whole Wheat Thin Crust Pizza” which they never offered five years ago. Their website and menu (to date) states $6.00 USD. We have paid, $6.00, $6.50 and even $8.50 for the same exact item. I’m not adding any topping, just their $6.00 “Whole Wheat Thin Crust.” They have done this with other menu items. Check their prices as of this post date at to see exactly what I’m talking about.

I tried talking to the owner about it, but he never let me get a word in edgewise. He never let me explain my situation. I wanted to let him know, that we still had the receipts and wanted to show them to him, but he just kept talking over me never letting me speak, asking me if I wanted to place the pizza order or not. I told him I would love to place an order, but wanted to address the situation at hand first.

In the end, this guy, (the owner no less) threatened me and said, “he’s going to come over and f&*k my mother.” I mean, " f&*k my mother," really? Over their new “Whole Wheat Thin Crust Pizza?” Really?

That being said, everyone makes a mistake, prices change, things happen, but there should be some accountability with regard to the establishment.

IMHO, if a customer calls you out on a problem they have encountered, consider taking care of their concerns with an open ear. It shouldn’t be a burden to you. This guy told me he was too busy to deal with my problem, but wanted to know if I wanted to place the order or not.

It’s a shame he took this stand, because my crew and I enjoyed they products…

Keep in mind, we order at least five times a week from the various food establishments (we love) that delivery to Maspeth; economics does play a part in it all.

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