Red House Restaurant

 24 Union Sq
Somerville, MA

The Worst

This place served me the worst meal of my life—no exaggeration. Not what I ordered, scant flavor, burnt, and a case of food poisoning to really top it off. Having never ordered here before, I ordered General Gau’s with a side of fried rice, a reliable, consistent default option. When I got back home I opened the container to discover fried chicken fingers (like what you’d get at McDonalds, only partially cooked so the “crust” was doughy and soft). No sauce. Definitely NOT General Gau’s. Decided to eat it anyway. The first bites quickly revealed an exceptionally nasty burnt aftertaste—like rancid, burnt cooking oil and possibly chemicals. Starving as I was I could only manage a few bites before throwing everything away. I got sick shortly afterward and was in bed for most of the following day with a bad stomach, raging headache, and general weakness. Wish I’d read the other reviews before trying this place. I just wanted cheap, reliable Chinese food. How is it possible to F**k that up? Visit Red House and see for yourself.

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