Tofu House

 4646 Convoy St
San Diego, CA

truly, horrible, awful customer service from the MANAGER!

The only reason I am even giving them 1 star is because I can NOT give 0 stars.

The place has good food. I even went out of my way to get their Soon Dubu (tofu soup), when I live rather far away.

Unfortunately, the manager (tall, skinny man) acted like a chauvinistic pig and was rude and dismissive. Told me there was a “store policy” about substitutions. I’ve asked and been given substitutions on many, many times before. This “store policy” is NOT written on their menu. I looked on the entire menu. I told them that this store policy is not on the menu. He refused to even discuss it.

I told them multiple times today before my food came that I canNOT eat kimchee or other spicy food. I told them repeatedly that it will make me SICK.

On top of that, when my food came, they included the kimchee and spicy pickles or something. I gave it back to the manager and told him this will make me sick. He still refused to give me something else. They have seasoned fish cake in the back. They’ve given me this in the past instead of kimchee. I would have happily taken 1 thing of fish cake in exchange for 2 spicy dishes. I realize fish cake may be more expensive than kimchee.

I decided if I can’t have what I been given many, many other times without ANY issues, I wanted my money back. At least they did give me the money back. there are plenty of other places that serve soon dubu (tofu soup) without any complaint.

On top of that, they are now saying they accept “CASH ONLY”. They say it’s only on the weekends because they’re so busy. hmmm. seems strange to me. And they’ve always accepted my card before regardless whenever I came in. Their menu says they accept credit cards. But they have a sign both inside and facing out that says cash only. So which is it?

I ended up going to Korea House. It was $1 more and not “as you wish”, but there service was TOP NOTCH. The hostess went out of her way to make me happy. I saw her do the same thing with other customers in Korea House. Korea House is in the business to make their customers happy. However, I was rather disappointed by Korea House’s soup. It’s not thick the way I like it. I’m going to try “Convoy Tofu House” or somewhere else next time.

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