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san ya korean bbq & noodle

 2897 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

all you can eat korean bbq! omfgoodness...

this has got to be one of my NEW favorite all you can eat bbq spots. $15-20 dollas make you holla can bring me a lot of happiness. =)

i got the jumuluk and the chadol (brisket). the brisket is fresh and larger than the, don’t tell me this cow is the size of a hamster, small- dinky little pieces.

the rice paper wrap was fresh but not oh so fresh that it rips and you can’t wrap your meat and veggies with it. (it’s a fine line between too fresh, not so fresh, and damn this is like rubbery poster paper).

the salad is like an actual salad that you usually get in japanese restaurants. you know the ones with the orange dressing. (i really want to say sesame dressing, but i am not sure. if im wrong please don’t throw rocks at me… ) salad consists of: plain lettuce, onions, and dressing, for all you anti- green onion/ shaved iceberg in your salad types.

the soy bean stew was a bit bland but you can always toss a few slices of raw green peppers up in that joint and it will give it that extra kick. bam!

and the egg. the egg was delish… it wasnt too salty or too bland… wasn’t under cooked nor over cooked. perfectly fluffy. my mouth yearns for some more egg…

oh and they close at 11 on monday. =D

drooling and cant wait to go back!





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