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san ya korean bbq & noodle

 2897 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

all you can eat korean bbq! omfgoodness...

this has got to be one of my NEW favorite all you can eat bbq spots. $15-20 dollas make you holla can bring me a lot of happiness. =)

i got the jumuluk and the chadol (brisket). the brisket is fresh and larger than the, don’t tell me this cow is the size of a hamster, small- dinky little pieces.

the rice paper wrap was fresh but not oh so fresh that it rips and you can’t wrap your meat and veggies with it. (it’s a fine line between too fresh, not so fresh, and damn this is like rubbery poster paper).

the salad is like an actual salad that you usually get in japanese restaurants. you know the ones with the orange dressing. (i really want to say sesame dressing, but i am not sure. if im wrong please don’t throw rocks at me… ) salad consists of: plain lettuce, onions, and dressing, for all you anti- green onion/ shaved iceberg in your salad types.

the soy bean stew was a bit bland but you can always toss a few slices of raw green peppers up in that joint and it will give it that extra kick. bam!

and the egg. the egg was delish… it wasnt too salty or too bland… wasn’t under cooked nor over cooked. perfectly fluffy. my mouth yearns for some more egg…

oh and they close at 11 on monday. =D

drooling and cant wait to go back!






Mr Pizza Factory

 3881 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

not too shabby and a bit kooky

ok at first i was really skeptical of this place… their toppings include potatoes, nacho cheese (drool), sour cream, bacon (drool), bulgogi, and sweet potato puree/ cream. but all in all i really enjoyed it.

unfortunately i only had two slices because the pizza i had in general was really filling.

Potato Gold at Mr Pizza Factory

Potato Gold

i loved the fact that their pizza menu is so kooky… i had the potato gold large pizza more than enough for two people. the toppings include: bacon (YES YES YES!), nacho chese (YES YES YES!), sour cream, potatos, onion, and the crust had sweet potato cream filling… the sweetness of the sweet potato crust offsets the saltiness of the pizza. i felt that the crust was like a baked in dessert within the entree. =D


Gale's Italian Restaurant and Bar

 452 S Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA


this place is family owned and everyone is super friendly. the food here was fresh, tasty ,and cheap. =D. can’t beat that.

pasta al forno

i loved this dish! you have the option of meatballs or sausage but i did a half and half. however the meatballs really did it for me. =D. the portion for this entree was super huge and i got to take home a doggy bag. woo hooo.


Park's BBQ (bak dae gam neh)

 955 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA

korean bbq

the meat here is super tender! the only bad thing is that they don’t have dukk (rice paper).

seng dum sheem (rib eye)

super tender and great quality

kobe beef galbi

super tender and great quality

dang jjang gee gae (soybean paste soup)

speecy spicy yum!


Asia de Cuba

 8440 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA

over rated

the ambiance is totally trendy, whimsical and it has a great view. the drinks are tasty. maybe i had too much to drink before the meal but the whole cuban and asian fusion thing didnt really float my boat.

scallops (appetizer)

the scallops had a cajun flair to them. but tasty.

crab croquettes

i loved these suckers! deep fried with crab meat. came with a slaw and two dipping sauces: red pepper aoili and a soy sauce based sauce.

short ribs

they should say that it tastes like meat candy. way too sweet and drenched in teriyaki sauce. (the waitress highly recommended it).

mango mojito

oh man this mojito rocked my socks off! came with a slice of mango and a piece of sugar cane that i totally gnawed off.


magnolia lounge

 492 S Lake Ave
Pasadena, CA

good for booze

this place has a lot of fun drink and the venue is super cool. it used to be an old school speakeasy during the prohibition era. the appetizers are pretty delish but it’s not exactly a place to eat dinner.

magnolia salad

the magnolia salad is delish but its really only the hearts (the white part) of romaine lettuce.


burger was pretty good… but not exactly the biggest bang for your buck.

sangrini (alchol)

super tasty.

mac and cheese

mac and cheese here is pretty yummy. but it does take a long time to cook.


Seoul Garden Restaurant

 1833 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA


this place has the best shabu shabu ever! the greens are actually really green… not the typical iceberg lettuce crap. they hook you up with great portions and they make udon and a delish rice porridge with the beef broth after you are done cooking your meat. YUM!

shabu shabu


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