The Junction Bar

 110 Dorchester St
South Boston, MA

Best Food in South Boston!!!! **Beer Served**

Honestly, This Bar/Grille has THE BEST FOOD-everything is superb.Unbelievable! Buffalo fingers, rice, southern chicken, nachos, steak tips EVERYTHING IS UNREAL!!!!

Buffalo Fingers



My Diner

 98 A St
South Boston, MA

Wonderful Breakfast-Exceptional Service-Swift Delivery

This restaurant is (first of all) famous for their pancakes-which are unreal. About a year or two ago I had MULTIPLE horrible experiences dining inside, picking up food, and with a waitress that worked there. I’m not sure if she works there still..but I have not seen or heard her rude voice on the phone. I still won’t eat inside I find it claustrophobic and uncomfortable and every time-ANYONE walks in, they are stared at, which I also find’s like sitting on the train or bus. People don’t know what to do-so they stare. Whatever, just eat your breakfast and read the paper. Famous for turkey? I don’t think so. I have had the turkey (numerous times) -no thanks. I have had the chicken ziti and broccoli, that is VERY good. Anything else other than breakfast ehhh I’ll pass. It’s a breakfast time. As far as being OPEN at DINNERTIME- never said that. I have ordered DINNER AND LUNCH MEALS and they were bland or UN-tasty…except the chicken ziti broccoli. As far as the waitress that was tan with skinny legs-I was simply describing her because nobody else in there looked like that, and she was A. hideous B. unhealthy looking(she appeared to be high, dirty with greasy hair, and C. nobody wants to look at an older woman’s gross dry tan bony legs while they’re trying to enjoy breakfast. And I’m sure you know who I am talking about, or you work there, or you’re friends with the owner, however you’re connected I really don’t care. I can say what I want. My business probably keeps them in business-kapeesh? Have a wonderful day!

Eggs, Bagel Etc;


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