Ce Qui Sabe

 174 Wilson Ave # A
Newark, NJ

Check the bill before you pay!!!

Food is good, clean and reasonably priced although at weekends the prices are higher, you pay per pound. Good concept. My beef was with the other place on Merchand st. My wife and I went for dinner on a Saturday night and she does not eat meat, (the price is supposibly lower because you are not paying for the expensive meats) when I got up to the cashier to pay they did not give me a bill, simply told the total. It sounded expensive and my wife requested the waitress to give us the bill so we could check. The manager came and agreed that my wife’s plate should have been cheaper per pound because she did not have any meats, (although the waitress is arguing otherwise) they could not produce the ticket. They were telling me that after you pay they could not bring it up on the screen or print it out, the waitress is arguing with us, long story short, they came up with the ticket which proved both plates charged at the same price and there was a 10% gratuity built into the price. Without knowing there was gratuity built in, I added 20% to my credit card under Tip. Therefore they got 30% tip and overcharged us $2.70 for the food.
WATCH THIS PLACE, transparency does not exist.always ask for the check before you pay


Food is good

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