Little Panda

 18121 E Hampden Ave
Aurora, CO

If you want Chinese Delivery, RETHNIK YOUR IDEA!

Like everything else I guess, the prices go UP UP UP‎ –
Wouldn’t be so bad, but the QUALITY of food ought to go UP with the prices. Little Panda is the ONLY Chinese restaurant in my very close local area that CHARGES A DELIVERY FEE……THE ONLY! And…….they are the ONLY ONES WHO CHARGE EXTRA to get “so-called” FRIED RICE in lieu of steamed rice. The fried rice consists of NOTHING BUT steamed rice doused with some soy sauce……that’s not fried rice! As the delivery prices go up (I live less than 1/2 block from them), my tip has to go down. This isn’t fair to the driver but I’m spending extra for the so called fried rice and extra for the delivery. I wouldn’t use them at all but my grandson is in love with their Sesame Chicken and even though they say ‘expect delivery in 45 mins to an hour’, they are ALWAYS here in less than 10 minutes! Like I said, I live VERY CLOSE………I guess you have to pay for convenience (rather than QUALITY)!
If you want to ENJOY Chinese, my suggestion is to find a SIT DOWN RESTAURANT with tablecloths and good service and forget this delivery stuff!

Sesame Chicken etc

Is usually crispy – tonight it was SOGGY AND SUCKED! I called them and they remade the dish and brought another but it was just as bad…….guess they have new “chefs”!

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