America's Dog

 22 E Randolph St
Chicago, IL

Terrible service and Cashier cheating!

I would have given NO star if I could. The cashier (An Indian American girl with glasses) charged me more than I should pay for. When I found out and asked her for refund, she returned me some cash, not the credit refund (I originally paid by credit card). Then I found out that she returned less than it should be since she didn’t return the tax part. Even it was not big amount, but it was wrong. It was not ethical to do so if she could do just simple math. so I talked to her again, she was so unhappy, and reluctantly returned some cash again without any apology!! I told her that she owed me a apology and what she did was wrong, but she walked away! and never want to talk to me! terrible service and attitude!! If she intentionally charge more to customers, she should be fired! She could make some money out of this cheating when people don’t pay attention. I will not tolerate any cheating from a service provider, I won’t go back to this restaurant, and won’t recommend it to anyone!

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Ty reviewed America's Dog
Ty reviewed America's Dog