Einstein Bros. Bagels

 4502 Roswell Rd Ne
Atlanta, GA

Such a RUDE service!

I want to complain about a person who works at 4505 Roswell Road Atlanta, GA 30342. Her name is Daniella, and she was working there on September 17th, 2013 at 4:50pm

Here was my order and I used $1off coupon first:

Pumpkin Bagel: 1.25
Power Bagel: 1.67
Large smoothie: 3.83
-$1 off
Total: 5.75
Tax: 0.40
Total: 6.15

As you see total was $6.15. I asked her about 25%off happy hour deal, she said she can’t give 25% off because I used coupon.

Then, I said I don’t want to use coupon, I want to get 25% off. She took the coupon off and told me the following total ( $7.22)
Pumpkin Bagel: 1.25
Power Bagel: 1.67
Large smoothie: 3.83

Total: 6.75
Tax: 0.47
Total: $7.22

It is just a simple math. She took the coupon off but did not apply the 25% off. When I told her, she just did not understand ( she was still talking about my card balance).

Then she decided to refund whatever she charged from my card, and gave me everything free… I DID NOT accept free order and I told that I want to pay. She said store is closed. I said there is two more minutes and I insist to pay. She said NO. I said If I don’t pay, I won’t pay any items and she said OK. I just wanted to pay total with 25% off deal. I asked her several times to enter whatever I buy to her computer and tell me my total, but she didn’t.

I told that I will complain about her, she was still rude to me said something like go complain , here is my name blah blah blah…. I don’t remember exactly what she said but she was rude and she was ok when I leave without taking my orders…

I will never go back your store and tell everyone I know that how your employees take care of the orders and how rude they are!! I just wanted to pay my order with 25% off, but she behaved like take them free or get out of here!! She did not enter my order to computer even I told her I don’t want anything free!! and the time was still 4.58pm.

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