Dickey's Barbecue Pit

 240 N 12th Ave
Hanford, CA

From Kansas

I guess that being from Kansas I expected a little more but it definitely was good, not GREAT but good. I don’t think for a first time experience we knew that we could find BBQ sauce at the soda fountain area but we found out AFTER we ate, had no direction from employees while ordering. The menu is difficult to understand, lots of pressure while ordering, feel like cattle in the line being herded (hurriedly) through my order. Didn’t feel invited, wasn’t warm or overly tasty in my opinion but I’m used to Kansas BBQ so not sure if I’m spoiled or if this was just "okay good but way to pricey for my liking anyway.

1 Meat Plate

My husband had the meat Sandwich and out of everything we enjoyed the Beans and Macaroni and cheese over the meat. Again, we had no clue there was BBQ sauce at the Soda Fountain area or utensil area so ours was very, very bland as staff did not direct us for a first time visit but rather hurried us through the cattle line at the front. lol Anyway, I would have enjoyed BBQ Sauce at the table as with other restaurants, a little direction, smiles, and spending less money for what we got! It’s good but again, ITS NOT GREAT and to me anyway, not worth what we paid over $19 for a sandwich and 1 meat plate as drinks not included so have to pay more for that??

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