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Writing an essay independently

I want not to promote my service as other people but I want to write some warnings that will help to avoid perverse errors when writing an essay independently, even if the essay is written according to the rules.


- Avoid grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors (reread the essay several times!).

- Do not spread your thoughts on the tree, do not use jargon, do not try to impress the reader using abstruse words.

- Avoid swearing and slang.

- Do not deviate from the topic, do not repeat.

- Do not write boring (ask someone to read your essay).

- Do not generalize.

- Do not use cliches or catchy expressions. Do not turn an essay into a joke (you can joke, but do not forget that your jokes may be misinterpreted).

- Do not make excuses, but do not be too arrogant. Do not complain.

- Do not teach the reader to live.

- Do not talk about others.

- Do not touch on topics of politics and religion. It is not enough to simply list your achievements, awards, abilities or personal qualities, you need to give relevant examples.

Remember: an essay is not a term paper or an autobiography, but if you understand that writing an essay will be really difficult for you, I advise you to use the cheapest essay CheetahPapers that is the best writing service. Do not retell your resume. Do not include in the essay information that is already in the application. Do not forget to re-read the essay.

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