Rose Garden

 10565 University Ave Ne
Blaine, MN


DO NOT EAT AT ROSE GARDEN RESTAURANT (BLAINE LOCATION ESPECIALLY)! When they got our order wrong and the item ordered with chicken tasted horrible; they said that since we opened the food and tasted it that they would not credit or refund our money, because then they are losing money. They did not apologize even once.

When it was explained to them that this is a food quality and customer service issue and we requested at a minimum a credit for the quart of food that tasted horrible; they said the best they could do was a credit for about $3.00 after paying about $8.00 for the food item. After explaining the problem again they finally lied (which we discovered later) and said they would credit the food item but when we were asked what item we would like to replace it with they said that item cost about $3.00 more so we would have to pay it when we came back to the restaurant to pick-up the replacement food.

We hung up and then looked at their menu and discovered that we paid about $8.00 for the food item originally and that the replacement food item was actually $1.00 less and not $3.00 more!

We called them back to explain and confront them about their lie/deception, Jing continued to play games and finally said again that they will only credit $3.00 because they lose money; even after explaining that they will lose our business for life and that of our friends and those reading this now (which is worth potentially thousands to them), all over $3.00!

When we asked to speak with the Owner/Manager; Jing said that he is the Owner with his family and refused to do anything more!

What a waste of time and money. The food tasted horrible. The customer service was non-existent. DO NOT GO TO ROSE GARDEN (BLAINE LOCATION ESPECIALLY)! Although, both locations (Blaine & Coon Rapids) are owned by Jing and his family.

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