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Worst Experience of Service in Sarasota

So we had the worst passive aggressive experience tonight. My wife and I were the only people of color in the restaurant and I asked the waitress do we seat our selves and she said yes have a seat anywhere. Well we sat and we waited and we waited. After 30 minutes the gentleman at the next table went to get the manager to inform that we hadn’t been seen for an order. The manager came out himself five minutes later and looked at us, never saying a word, cleaned the table next to us on the patio and went back in. After another 10 minutes of still waiting we just left. The gentleman and his wife next to us told the manager they should be ashamed and left as well. You would think they have the least amount of self respect, but clearly they have archaic thinking!

This was the response we got from the owner Shawn Holley:

Shawn Holley: That’s a bunch of bullshit!! I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but don’t call us racist. Maybe we were busy, maybe the waitress just lost her father, maybe you’re just an ass hat.

My response: You’re so sad Shawn to resort to that language. Perhaps if I was speculating then your point would be valid. Unfortunately this wasn’t an isolated incident with someone having a bad day but all 3 employees in the restaurant that night couldn’t be having the same bad day conveniently, so much so that, not just the white couple sitting next to us said something not once but twice and two tables were seated next to us and served after we got there. Some times you have to own the mistake and learn from it, but let’s not continue as I stated, to be ‘passive aggressive’. Gotta love when you prove my point. I’ll be posting this as well to Yelp and the BBB. This is definitely not going to help your case. It’s even more hilarious that you posted this message over a year later which shows your importance to reviews. Hope this all works out for you.

Shawn Holley: Working great, thanks for your concern. Please come back and ask for Shawn or Donnie.

Reply · 2 hrs
Shawn Holley: Sorry, we would love to rectify the situation. Free dinner for you and yours.

My response: Glad things are working for you, wouldn’t want your business to be negatively impacted. The point I was making was to give attention to what easily could’ve been conveyed a number of ways. Your response was inappropriate at the least and shows what you think of your brand to not only me but all others that will view this on Yelp, Urban Spoon and the BBB. I’ve been to Sarasota, FL a number of times for business in the year that it took you to respond, and would never patronize there again. I appreciate the offer however, a free meal isn’t what I was looking for.

Shawn Holley: I was just kidding. I honestly believe you have the wrong place. There Is No Way it happened here. Report it to who ever you want. There is no reason to throw race into it when it’s obvious that the waitress made a mistake. It happens. Good thing we don’t rely on negative people’s business. Check out all of the other reviews. I think we’ll do just fine without you. If you need the BBB’S phone number please let me know.

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