Park's BBQ (bak dae gam neh)

 955 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Great Quality BBQ Short Ribs

I love Korean BBQ, and this place came highly recommended by a Korean friend because of its high quality USDA Prime and Kobe style beef. A group of us checked it out one night. Our Korean friend helped us order and we were served first with the fresh Prime Beef Short Rib. We also got side dishes of kimchee, pickled daikon, salty fishes, nuts and other assorted traditional Korean sides. What stood out was the mashed sweet potato with raisin. As soon as we smelled the tantalizing aroma of the short rib cooking in front of us, we just knew that the meat would be full of flavors. The meat was tender and fell right off the rib.

We also tried the Seasoned Prime Beef Short Rib, marinated with sugar, soy sauce, and other spices, but we thought it was too sweet and not as good as the natural short rib flavor. Don’t bother with this choice unless you have a sweet tooth.

The food is a little pricey but you are getting quality meat. Be prepared for a meat coma! The staff cooked all the meat for us, so we didn’t waste our time turning the meat or worry about overcooking it.

They have valet parking in front of the restaurant, and most patrons are Koreans.

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Love the details in your reviews! :)

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