Local Foods

 2424 Dunstan Rd
Houston, TX

Great Food, Great Price, Nice Abiance

first of all …I am not a food critic! I am a food praiser. Wow, I was among the first few customers at this new Restaurant that opened next to Benjy’s in the Village. I thought great another sandwich shop, that will be nice. Wow I had no idea. I have made two visits so far; the first by myself and the second with my wife.
They try to buy all of the food served here “fresh” and “local”.


I ordered the BLT with Kale and pine nut salad and the Fresh Home Made potato chips. It was so good. This was the best BLT ever. Not just the the Bacon was so flavorful but the Panini style bread ….wonderful. I loved the Kale salad with pine nuts and some kind of private recipe dressing. It may have been healthy even but I DON’T"T CARE… it was fabulous.

So I took my wife and went back. I ordered the same BLT with Kale and chips, but I ordered extra bacon because I am a big guy. My wife ordered the Tuna sandwich and she shared with me. Once again, this is not your Mom’s tuna sandwich. It was the best tuna sandwich I have ever eaten. Then I got to the butternut squash salad. It was like a flavor explosion in my mouth, ( I think I got that from a movie) It crunchy, slightly sweet and very colorful. She also ordered some other salad whose name I can’t remember but it was really good also.

Favorite things ….Real Dr. Pepper in 8oz bottles, and Real Cokes made with Cane Sugar. If you like soda you will love it. My wife had the fresh Ice Tea and it was also very good. Its not that easy to find good ice tea anymore.
Then we topped it all off by splitting a piece of fresh made Pumpkin Cheese Cake. So creamy and not too sweet. Just right.

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