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Freebird's World Burrito

 238 W. Campbell Rd, Richardson , Texas
Richardson, TX

Generation Gap

The Godfather had just pulled an all nighter and Vito’s new strip club off Northwest Hwy.

Vito my 3rd Captain on my crew is very proud of this accomplishment and hopes for the best, The Godfather see’s the writing all over the wall Vito will sleep with all his dancers and probably go belly up in six month and that is why I refused to invest in such a place but will collect my Vig until It closes.

The Godfather was hungry but wanted to grab something quick to get home and to bed at 12 noon so I decided to stop at Free birds. I have always had great luck at Planet burrito and always enjoyed the food and hospitality so free birds seemed like the same?


Entire different breed of pure animal, The Godfather can appreciate good service but not coming for a punk kid cracked up on red bull, with holes where I could see right through his ear lobes and metal throughout his hideous face. The Food is decent I still like Planet Burrito and I enjoy Planets environment more “Me”.


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Dude!! Your reviews are freaking great!!!

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