Orange House Take Out

 2414 W Whittier Blvd
La Habra, CA

Finally, a wonderful dining experience!

We had a wonderful evening while dining at Seta. When I walked in I was amazed at the beauty of the restaurant. The ambiance was perfect. It was very romantic, yet contemporary. We were kindly greeted. We had made a reservation to celebrate my sister in law’s birthday and were seated as soon as we arrived, despite the many waiting that had not made a reservation and seemed to be dying to get a table. The personal attention was a great start to our dining experience because there is nothing worse than taking the time to confirm a reservation and the restaurant still not be prepared upon arrival.
Our waiter was very courteous and professional, yet he was also charming and often gave us a good laugh. Overall, the service was honestly excellent. Not once did we need to request anything after ordering because the wait staff made sure are glasses were full at all times and often checked on us to see how we were doing. They really did focus on our personal service.
As for the food, it is a higher priced menu, but is well worth every dollar. Our meal averaged about $ 40 per person, but unlike many other restaurants I’ve been to, the portions were perfect. I was actually full half way through the meal, but could not help but finish every bite because it was so delicious. As for a recommendation, I highly recommend the Ceaser Salad and their “Lamb Dish.” We actually also ended up ordering three of their deserts and each one proved to be exceptional. And to our pleasant surprise we were honored to have also had the opportunity to meet and give praise to the chef for the incredible food that he prepared for us.
We had a wonderful time at Seta. I was so very pleased that my sister in law had such a wonderful birthday celebration. We could not have chosen a better restaurant. I have searched long and hard for a fining dining experience more local to home; it is so much more enjoyable to not fight the LA crowds, yet still receive the LA fine dining experience.
I can’t wait for my next visit. My mouth is watering with just the thought.


The flavors were amazing and the lamb was cooked to perfection.We also ordered a side of creamed spinach and sauteed mushroom which you could taste were fresh and delicious.

Pork Chop & Ceaser Salad

The pork was cooked perfectly. It was a large portion. They offered me many different sauces to enjoy with course, I ended up choosing the "Sherry, " it was so delicious. I have never tasted anything like it.

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