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I’m a tour guide in gorgeous Provincetown, MA, at the tip of Cape Cod, for over 20 years. I write TheYearRounder’s Guide to Provincetown and operate Discover Provincetown, a 6-passenger tour van. I eat at 90+ PTown restaurants yearly, sharing the best!



 5 Ryder St Ext
Provincetown, MA

Mojo's is a Casual PTown Gem

I Just tried Mojo’s new 6 ounce Chipotle Burger. Great! Comes with bacon and cheddar cheese, $7.10. Chipotle aioli is a sassy sauce, but not overpowering, just right, and they cooked my burger medium, just like I ordered it. I added their unusual fries; hand-cut discs sliced from fresh potatoes, so they’re a little like extra, EXTRA thick potato chips, but not as crunchy. These fries are a signature dish at MoJo’s, and come in 3 sizes. I ordered the small one, which was plenty with this good-sized, great tasting burger, making a satisfying meal for not much money.
The other day I went for the fish dinner, $14.95, featuring whatever the catch of the day might be. This is always the best fish available for the best price. On this day it was flounder, with a 6 1/2 ounce serving broiled or fried, your choice. This excellent full meal comes with a nice green salad with chopped tomato and grated carrot, plus a mountain of Mojo’s signature fries, along with mixed vegetables cooked just till tender, then chilled in a mild vinaigrette, sort of lightly pickled; unusual and very tasty, and a healthy choice as well.
I had my flounder broiled. It was marinated in a blend of Mojo seasoning (4 ingredients they will NEVER divulge,) mixed with lemon and, I was surprised to find out, just a bit of soy sauce, which I would never have guessed, creating a great flavor that is quite difficult to describe.
The result was juicy, tender fish fillets bathed in juices that were so tasty that I didn’t need their homemade tarter sauce to dress it up, making my dinner that much healthier. And the price tag under $15 for this great meal cannot be beaten anywhere in town.
Go to Mojo’s for a quick bite or a full meal; for seafood, burgers, tacos, burritos, 60 hot or cold sandwiches and wraps, a couple of dozen salads and vegetarian choices (try the deep-fried mushrooms!) totaling about 170 choices on the menu.
You’ll have trouble deciding, but you’ll be happy with the flavor and quality of anything on the menu, and the prices are remarkable for a great meal in Provincetown.

Chipotle Burger

Outstanding value for a 6-ounce specialty burger in Provincetown, see above.

Mojo's Fries

Signature round “fries” are discs cut crosswise from whole potatoes, fried golden, a local favorite, in three sizes, see above

Broiled Fish Dinner

Daily catch is served broiled or fried, with salad, fries and veggies for a bargain price, full description in my review of the restaurant., above.

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I write about PTown and give guided tours here, so I love sharing the best of more than 90 restaurants in the summer and just a dozen in the winter. I want people to enjoy their visit here. And when I find an outstanding meals while traveling, I’ll share those, too.

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