Bonefish Willy's Riverfront

 2459 Pineapple Ave # B
Melbourne, FL

Classic fish shack, and s-o-o-o good!

Nothing fancy. Just a little old ramshackle place tucked away on the mainland side of the Indian River, but don’t let it escape your attention. Parking can be iffy, the doors are narrow, it’s a plank floor, the tables can be small and wobbly, and the wooden chairs are definitely not ergonomically designed. But the service is attentive and friendly and the food from start to finish is fresh and delicious. That’s what will bring you back. Popularity with locals may make it difficult to get in if the weather is wet and makes the outdoor deck unusable, but on clear evenings, there shouldn’t be such problems. You will likely have to drive right by the flashier Squid Lips to get to Bonefish Willy’s, but that extra bit of driving is definitely worth it!

The Special

Angel hair pasta with garlic oil and lemon juice and a generous helping of freshly-cooked fish all jazzed up with bruschetta, mozzarella, parmesan, and some other ingredients I couldn’t identify. It’s both massive and absolutely mouth-watering delicious. Worth the trip all by itself. Plus all but the heartiest of appetites will end up putting half of it into a box and easily making a second meal of it the next day. Truly yummy!

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