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The Bakery

 13 N Front St # A
New Paltz, NY

Great Coffee Hits the Spot--The Bakery

A local favorite is getting a bagel and coffee and The Bakery in New Paltz. How can you go wrong by getting a 16oz coffee with your choice of bagel with cream cheese, muffin, danish, scone, croissant or cinnamon bun for only $3.99? This is the breakfast special that is the most popular because it’s quick without any fuss. This is the local social center especially with its outdoor cafe.

Everything is made fresh on the premises. I love the smell of fresh baked items in the air just before going to work. It helps me start the day on the right note. I’m sure everyone can attest to the feeling.

It’s funny but The Bakery only brews four different coffees:
• Bakery House Blend (with lots of Kenya AA)
• Dark Roast Sumatra (fair trade organic)
• Flavored Coffee of the Day
• House Decaf (100% Colombian)

But they also serve lots of organic loose leaf teas as well as drinks from the espresso bar.

Lunch is busy as well. They have many wraps, sandwiches, soups and salads for those wanting something simple to eat.

I know lots of people who have traveled miles just to come here for the baked goods. That’s how big of impression it has made on people. It also helps to utilize all the local farms for the best and freshest ingredients. It makes a huge difference in its taste. No wonder people travel from all over the place.

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