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Trying new things

I love to try different restaurants each week. I love to eat at all of the Disney restaurants. Currently, I am working on my goal of having eaten at every full service restaurant in Disney World property. I have eaten at almost all of them so far.


Red Brick Pizza

 1619 Rinehart Rd
Sanford, FL

Nice atmosphere, interesting pizza

This place surprised me with being much nicer than I thought it would be. I thought it would be a simple fast food joint but the atmosphere inside was pleasant. They have lots of booths and each booth has a tv that you can control what channel you watch on and the volume. They have a direct TV hook up so you can watch any favorite cable channel as well. When we went, they had a special that any large pizza was ten dollars. This saved us about seven bucks on the pizza we ordered. I don’t think I would’ve ever paid 17 dollars for a pizza but ten dollars for what we got was pretty good. There are plenty of five dollar off coupons floating around for this place in the Entertainment books so I would make sure you get a coupon before going. They also advertised that they had gelato there which we were excited about trying. However, that was disappointing. The gelato is not made fresh there every day as one comes to expect from a gelato shop. It is simply frozen gelato that is shipped in from California. The texture to it is off and it is much more like sorbet than gelato. It’s also not as flavorful as real gelato. I wouldn’t bother with it. Also, they should just call it ice cream because it is much more similar to American ice cream than to gelato. I would recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a lower cost place to eat out on a Friday night. However, I wouldn’t recommend them if you just want to order a pizza for delivery. There are cheaper places to order pizza from. This place is good for their unique specialty pizzas and fresh made to order service.

Roasted Garlic Chicken

I enjoyed this pizza though my fiance did not. I really enjoyed having a different kind of pizza than one would normally expect. The garlic chicken was delicious and the fresh vegetables and tomatoes on top were a nice touch. They were crisp and tender without being soggy or overcooked. The pizza was still flavorful when I ate it the next day.

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