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 251 W 55th St
New York, NY

One of a kind Kaiseki experience. One other...

One of a kind Kaiseki experience. One other place that I know of that serves Kaiseki is Rosanji. I’ll be sure to try that place next time but I opted for Sugiyama this time b/c I recall walking by the window and being completely mesmerized by the idea of a traditional tea ceremony meal.

Everything was seasonal and fresh, and knowing that we’ll be eating some very traditionally prepared dishes, I warned my bf that he cant be sheepish, especially with the price of the meal. My favorite dishes were the ankimo tofu, the seasonal sashimi with fresh shiso flowers and gold flakes and of course the Kobe beef. I cant complain about anything except one of the waiter that could really lose the attitude. Its definitely a date spot.

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