Pasta Pomodoro

 140 Vintage Way
Novato, CA

consistent quality, service, and value.

“Pasta Pomodoro” will soon be known as “Pomodoro” as they do not just serve pasta any more. My wife and I have been dining there for over 10 times in the past 2 years, and as a food lover, I must say that the quality of various dishes are of excellent quality and value. Their pasta dishes are always cooked and served just right. Me and my wife enjoy the texture, temperature, and portion of the pasta, and they top it with just the right amount of fresh ingredients so that we could absolutely taste every item individually, just the way things should be. It seems to me that that have mastered the quality of the pasta dishes.

One item that keep me thinking about Pomodoro, it is their shrimp dishes. Their shrimp is always fresh and cooked just right, perhaps they have perfected that small window of opening for shrimp cooking as well. I highly recommend the special of the day, as I order them half of the time when I dine there and they were all consistently great.

Pomodoro features an open kitchen, an up to date and clean interior decor, excellent lighting, a friendly bar, and excellent service. I cannot speak the same for all the other Pomodoro restaurants, but never for once did I detected even the slightest hint that I was dining in a chain restaurant. This Pomodoro certainly has a lot of personality, a place that make customers feels alive, a credit to the current management team. Food servers are great as I never once saw the bottom of my diet Coke, and they do say thank you as my wife and I leave the restaurant on those nights when they were not too busy.

If you fancy a wonderful pasta dish in the Novato area without the guess work or breaking the bank, Pomodoro is definitely my highly recommmended spot.

Overall rating: 3.7 Stars.

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