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  • Dec 2007
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Ireland's Four Provinces

 105 W Broad St
Falls Church, VA

We were really disappointed...

Well, here is my story. Me and my buddy are in the area on business. The place we are working has lunch vouchers for the ‘4 Ps’ as its known in this part of town. I’ve been there before and the food is ok, not great or anything. And how can you mess up beer? Anyway, the place we are working, they say “The rest of the restaurants on the vouchers are sticklers, but the 4 Ps? Those guys are cool. Save up your vouchers and get a few pints after work”. You can probably see where this is going. We save our vouchers and go for a couple of beers. Perfect gentlemen we are, just enjoying a few beers and some appetizers. But when we offer the vouchers, no dice. Now I’m not going to get out of joint about the fact that we’ve been skipping lunch in favor of beer and now we are bummed out. What pisses me off is that he wrote ‘EXPIRED’ all over our vouchers in addition to not giving us a penny discount. And btw, they are reimbursed for the vouchers. Its not like some great loss of money for them. And guess what? That’s fine. There are other awesome places to eat in Falls Church. Like Red, Hot and Blue BBQ or The Original Pancake. When you’re feeling Irish, there are better places to spend your money.

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