Original Italian Pizza

 32 Broadway St
Milton, PA

Thank goodness we did not get sick.

DO NOT ORDER THE PARTY PIZZA. It was UNCOOKED in the middle and BURNT on the edges. I called the restaurant to get my money back and the owner refused. He said he could not give me my money back because he is not a franchise. How does that even make sense? He also said he did not believe me that it was uncooked and said I would have had to bring it back in so that he could inspect it. I ORDERED CARRY-OUT FOR A REASON! How was I supposed to get it back in without a car? I told him he could have come back to the house and he just kept droning on and on about bringing it back in. He obviously did not understand my clear voice when I said, “I do not want another pizza because this one took an hour to get here, I would like my money back.” He told me if I called back, he would tell the police I was harassing him. I told him go ahead because he knowingly sent us an UNCOOKED pizza. Whatever happened to good customer service?

I really would have liked to have tried their other pizza because I have heard good things. However, after a very rude and potentially sickening first-time experience with this restaurant, I will never venture back. I’d rather just order from Domino’s, because at least I know the pizza will be cooked. All I can say is thank goodness my friends and I did not get sick. Feel free to try your luck :)

Party Pizza


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