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Come join me enjoy the wonders of all the ethnic foods in the ...

.Food is one of the essintials we all need in order to survive. Its one of the MOST enjoyable activites others can do with family or friends or even being in a restuarant setting with strangers.

I Dine In:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Chef:
CANT answer that at this time. I plead the 5th
Favorite Cookbook:
Way to many to list...
Last Meal:
I would set the mood . I would eat super slow to enjoy and reflex where my life has gone and where it will contiune to.. Pasta with chicken alfredo, a small side salad with all the trimings.a very large bowl of all different kinds of bread. dipping sauces for the salad. Dressing would be virgin olive oil. cucumber couple kinds of cheese and of course icebeg lettuce. (mozzarella sharp colby) then on other side i would ike a lil dish of cheese and crackers . for the drink i would choose h20
Best Pizza in schaumburg,il
The owner Tony is one amazing man. His talents to hiring employees to being respectful and sweet to his customers is beyond the normal realm of business owners i know.. He has been a true friend to me and my children. And his food an his deducation to te comunity is breathe taking...