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Food and Service-One is no good without the other!

I’m still breathing and eating. ;-)


Will not go back again.

It’s impossible to get a seat without a reservation weeks in advance. I can’t understand why people would bother? The food was average. The dishes were tiny. Not small but tiny! Choices in food were very limited. Service was good, however that’s not enough to make me want to come back ever again.

My sons lamb dish was miniscule. Cooked perfectly but it was enough for a 4 year old child. My skirt steak was a child’s portion. My wife had the tuna; 3 pieces rolled like sushi. That should have been an appetizer yet it was sold as a main dish. My daughter had the duck it was very good.
The overall experience was upsetting. Sorry folks but TGIF can cook a skirt steak just as good maybe even better. Tiny portions, little choices in food I wont be going back anytime soon.

Grilled Skirt Steak

Cooked perfectly but I was brought a childs portion.

Crème Brþlée Le Cirque Style

Very good. Just the right consistency the sugar was torched perfectly.

Roasted Duck

My daughter had this dish it was excellent.

Tuna Tartar

This was served as an appetizer from the Chef. It was excellent! Tiny little spoon portion but the taste was perfect!


What were you thinking? Serving Napoleon in an Oreo cookie type fashion? The flaky pastry on top and bottom were too hard. The cream sprayed right out as soon as you tried to bit a piece.


My wife’s main dish was tuna served like a sushi roll. There were 4 pieces. We paid $45 a plate for 4 pieces of California roll hold the rice?
Everything was cooked perfectly. Everything looked like an appetizer.


This appetizer was overcooked and inedible.

Chocolate Ganache Cake

This dessert was overcooked and dry

Lamb T-Bone

Cooked well with mashed potatos. The portion was ridiculously small

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