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Laurelwood Public House & Brewery

 5115 Ne Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR

Don't go there if you want to have a conversation

We have eaten at several of the Laurelwood locations, our favorite being, believe it or not, at the airport! This past weekend we were staying at a hotel and being vegetarian, there was nothing available on their menu so we were forced out into the city to forage for food. Heading down Sandy Blvd, I remembered that Laurelwood had a location nearby so we headed there. It was a Friday evening, pretty early stil, around 5pm, but the place was already packed! We signed in and were given one of those beeper/light up jobbies so we would know when our table was ready. Good thing because there’s no way we would have heard them calling out names. It was crazy loud in there! Fortunetly we did not have a long wait, as we were a party of two.

We ordered simple stuff but somehow they still managed a few mistakes. I ordered a salad that comes with bacon and I told the waiter “no bacon, please”. The salad showed up with bacon and I had to send it back. He told me he wrote down “no onion.” It’s no wonder because he problably was trying to read my lips or something since it was so freakin" noisy in there.

All of our hot food was warm, at best.

I took a trip to the restroom before we left the restaurant and was so suprised where the soap dispenser was located. I am short (5’ 2") and I had to stand on tip toe to reach the soap that was located way above the hot air dryer. So strange! Don"t send a kid in there alone unless you really don’t care whether or not they wash after using the toilet.

It doesn’t make me happy to write a review about an establishment being so poor, but I feel people should know that Laurelwood Pub is not consistent from location to location.

Laurelwood Spinach Salad

I actually like this salad a lot. I love the pink grapefruit slices combined with the feta cheese, candied walnuts and the orange poppy vinaigrette. It’s a really good flavor mix. This was my favorite part of my meal.

Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

This chili is okay. It lacks some true flavor. The addition of hot sauce helps some, but there is something missing. It is served with tortilla chips on the side and the chili itself is topped with grated cheese, tomatoes and green onion. I do appreciate that they always have vegetarian chili there, though, because it is rare in this town.

Santa Fe Burger

My partner ordered this burger and had them substitute their house made veggie burger for the meat. It was barely warm, as were the beer battered french fries that were served with it. In fact the only thing that was hot on her plate was the dill pickle! Once again, this meal was so-so. The veggie burger was pretty dry and over cooked. Very over priced. She did enjoy her beer, though.

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