653 Sunrise Hwy
Lynbrook, NY

So, So

My family and I frequent this establishment often and are usually satisfied but today was a doozy. The young and I emphasize on young employees were quite unprofessional. The one staff member decided to tell the her co-worker about her DUI experience, got all graphic of the situation while talking over the blearing music the whole establishment still heard it. To top it all off the young employee was wearing the shortest daisy dukes showing off her butt cheeks so when she bent over we all saw plenty. The best was trying to explain to a 7 year old child what a DUI is and couldn’t quite stop staring of the ass cheeks right in our face. When I told the employee what she was saying and wearing was unprofessional she flat out lied she never told such a story to the co-worker. Ummm yeah you did cause several others where there to witness your rants on not how the police officer didn’t allow you a shower while being behind bars.

Not sure of the owners feel about the incident when I call to inform them of our lovely experience.

Wouldn’t recommend going to this particular TCBY

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