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 800 North Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL

I guess I can't really give this place an...

I guess I can’t really give this place an accurate review because I went during a special Thanksgiving dinner. However the food was on point and the service was unbelievable. The pate’ was incredibly creamy and fragrant. There was a choice of main dishes including Chilean bass and a “traditional” Thanksgiving turkey. I use the quotation marks because it was actually cooked in a very non-traditional manner. It was marinated and vacuum sealed for 24 hours and then cooked, still in the bag, in boiling water gently for a few hours. This resulted in the most flavorful and moist turkey i’d ever had. It was paired with a delicious curry / cranberry relish and a corbread stuffing that was honestly a little lackluster.

Dessert was a soufle’ that was in all honesty orgasmic. The wine list was terrific and the staff knowledgeable about pairings. The dining areas are intimate and really do encourage good conversation. Great place to have a great bottle of wine, a great meal, and a great 2 or 3 hours

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