Quick & Delicious

 311 S Main St
Oberlin, OH

Employees treated poorly, manager rude

The first time we ate at Quick and Delicious we had the best service. Our waitress went above and beyond and was extremely friendly, she was a huge part of why we decided to return a few more times. In April we purchased gift certificates through On a previous visit we had used one of those certificates. When we went yesterday we were told it could not be accepted. We paid with cash and did not have the full amount with us to cover the bill without the use of the certificate. We wanted to talk with the manager, but she was not there. Our original server went ahead and accepted the certificate because she wanted to make sure we returned. However, she told us her pay would probably be docked. We gave her our number and asked for the manager to call. The manager called us and was extremely rude. She refused to listen to what I had to say. I wanted to let her know that she had a remarkable employee and that because of her we would be back and that docking her pay, in our opinion, was unfair. She made it clear that rules are rules and that the server should not have accepted it and she would be paying for it. I have no idea why server who is good as the one we had would stay at a restaurant when she is treated so poorly. I am certain she could do better elsewhere. We had intended to return but after my phone conversation with the manager we will never go back. I can’t support a business that treats their employees so poorly.

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