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McDonalds has a cap on amount of food one can purchase???

I am so disappointed in my experience today when I visited this restaurant. I went in to purchase breakfast for my high school students as I do monthly to celebrate the students’ birthdays. It was obvious when I entered that the store was staffed this morning with people who weren’t fast in food preparation. I got to the register and ordered 10 Sausage,Egg, and Cheese McGriddles and 10 hashbrowns. The manager/cashier looked at me puzzled and proceeded to tell me that she was sorry, but there is a limit of 6 sandwiches that can be purchased. I told her that I had never in my 41 years of life heard of a McDonalds that puts a cap on the amount of food that you can purchase. I have gone to McDonalds Restaurants all of my life and have been purchasing food for my students’ birthday breakfasts for more than 16 years, and I have NEVER heard of such a thing. She told me, “Every McDonalds is different.” Really!?! I was so disappointed about the situation, as my students and I had already made our plans and menu for the celebration. I instead, had to drive down the road to Burger King to purchase the food that really wasn’t what we wanted. I believe that this was a result of short staffing on the part of management and a poor sense of business etiquette. My students and I are very disappointed.
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