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Rhawnhurst Cafe

 8002 Castor Ave
Philadelphia, PA

The absolute worst bar in Philly !

This seemingly predominately Caucasian bar called the Rhawnhurst is the absolute worst in all of Philadelphia. It lacks diversity and the food is horrible and my burger was very unsavory, burnt , over cooked, sub par ,and I found out to my sheer chagrin ,shock ,and disappointment that the people that regularly go to this outright dump as costumers and who work at this sordid and entirely low-class establishment are all a bunch of consummate racist , childish,immature ignorant,bigoted ,rude ,uncouth,disputacious assholes ,scumbags,idiots and peices of low -life white trash which is absolutely pathetic and sad .The bartender a short fat white lady with fairly long brunette hair even started an argument with me for no valid reason at all just for using the bathroom , which was absolutely flithy and disgusting just like her racist attitude and her morons for patrons . Suffice to say ,I certainly won’t be going back to this shithole or even think of wasting my money here ever again. I 100% don’t recommend ever going to this place to any prospective customer ,because there are vastly better bars than this absolute disgrace for a business establishment !


My burger was over cooked .

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  • 9/09/2017

    Walfranz89 tried Rhawnhurst Cafe in Rhawnhurst, liked it, and rated it . Walfranz89 didn't like the food, didn't like the service, and didn't like the ambiance.

    There were no pros just cons . The people were rude and the service was extremely slow and subpar .

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