Tony Soprano's Pizza

 1083 Delsea Dr
Westville, NJ

Hair in Food...Nasty Customer Service!!!!

I have been ordering from this restaurant for well over 7 or 8 years… My husband would have rated their wings as one of his favorite in the past. Lately, however, their food has really gone down hill. Their once delicious wings are nasty and their customer service sucks!! Last night, we ordered 20 wings with ranch dressing and a cheese steak. We received bleu cheese dressing and a cheese steak that had several, long, brown, curly, hairs in it. We let the dressing slide, and the first long hair that my husband plucked from my sandwich, but after almost swallowing a hair and pulling another one out while digging through my dinner-we just about had enough!! We took a photo of the half eaten sandwich with a visible hair sticking out -and I will happily post should anyone like to see it-and called to complain. We explained that we have been customers for years and never complained- but we really couldn’t let this slide. The manager or whoever the incredibly rude person was who spoke to my husband demanded the return of the half eaten sandwich, returned less than the cost of the sandwich to us and then had the nerve to call us later that evening to tell us to never order from them again. Really?? I wasn’t planning on ordering from them again…when their staff brush their hair over the griddle and then serve sandwiches to paying customers…and when the customers complain-call them liars. Again, I have a picture of their nasty hairy sandwich should anyone want me to post it. Beware of disgusting food, poor customer service and harassment.

Cheese Steak


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