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  • Aug 2007
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Shanghai Dumpling King

 3319 Balboa St
San Francisco, CA

If you know and love the real thing, don't bother unless ...

If you know and love the real thing, don’t bother unless you’re really desperate.

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I Dine In:
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Whippy ate chicken skewer and succotash, with a mushroom spring roll, cream donut and coffee
Whippy ate enough carbs to kill a small elephant
Whippy ate Hainan chicken rice, satay, fish cake fritters, ginger teh tarik, cendol
Whippy ate laksa!
Whippy ate Thai food
Whippy ate bread
Whippy ate raisin bagels
Whippy ate char siew rice, iced milk tea, and Helen's leftover laksa soup