Maria's Restaurant

 6439 Summer Ave
Memphis, TN

Puts the Greasy in Greasy Spoon.

First time I went there was a friday night and they were having some sort of redneck version of karaoke. It was horrible and loud. I was meeting a friend and almost left before she arrived. She caught me at the door on the way out and convinced me to give it a try. After some prompting, I was successful at getting them to turn down the volume on the microphone/amplifier which brought the caterwauling down to a less painful decibel.

The food was ok but nothing spectacular. It was, however, incredibly greasy. Everything, even the biscuits, were coated in grease. I understand that some people like that style of food. I am not one of them. I left a good portion of my steak and eggs behind on that visit.

My second and final visit wasnt much improved. My friend tried to convince me that Maria’s was having an off night. She talked me into returning. This time was a weeknight when they had chicken and dumplings. DO NOT EAT IT!! It is starchy blobs of gummy bready grossness in a bowl of chicken fat. Again, I left it behind, never to return. EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!

Both times I went to this restaurant, I left smelling and feeling greasy. Your skin is coated in it. Your clothing stinks, I don’t think they use their vents. You must go home and bathe before going any place else after leaving this establishment. After my second and final visit I left wondering how they managed to pass the health inspection with the coating of grease all over my skin and the stench of grease that permeated my clothing & hair.

Update: June, 2014-Color me stupid but my friend talked me into returning for lunch. She kept telling me “they’ve improved” This time I encountered a very bizarre situation. After we had ordered, a hispanic woman in an apron came out of the kitchen screeching at one of the waitresses. The waitress was an older white lady. She was screaming that American’s are lazy, worthless, and all liars. I learned from my friend that the Hispanic woman was Maria namesake and owner. What? Look around lady, American’s are who you are catering to here. Do you really want to make your prejudices known? The waitress quit on the spot. And we left too…along with another couple. Who knew? Lunch and racist ranting!!

Its almost worth a return trip to see what happens next.

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  • 3/19/2016

    Witchypoo1901 tried Maria's Restaurant in Elmore Park, didn't like it, and rated it . Witchypoo1901 didn't like the food, didn't like the service, and didn't like the ambiance.

    None that I could find
    Food was swimming in grease and inedible. Karaoke was entirely too loud. Encountered on one visit a Hispanic kitchen worker who made her disdain of white people well known loudly. The decor is horrible. I am not even sure what style or ambiance they w

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