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Critical about food

A dedicated foodie & excellent home cook, who hates to get poor restaurant meals & appreciates good ones! Good food should be highly touted & praised; poor food should be griped about.


Wasabi Japanese Grill & Bar

 4620 Grandview Avenue
Cheyenne, WY

Dinner & a Show

Not many can cook perfect seafood in the middle of the continent thousands of miles from the nearest ocean, but Wasabi’s chefs do an outstanding job!
Five of us were thrilled to enjoy dinner cooked in front of us at one of the teppanyaki grills. All of us thought our dinners were perfectly cooked and nicely seasoned & we thoroughly enjoyed the ‘dinner & a show’ experience.
We all were especially pleased by the delicious seafood & lightly charred asparagus. The shrimp was perfectly browned & cooked to about a tender & juicy medium; the scallops were seared to a perfect medium-rare.
Everyone’s steak was cooked as specified & even the swordfish, which is notoriously easy to overcook, was juicy & tasty.
The cooking was accomplished with much flair, juggling of grilling tools, bursts of fire & an onion ring volcano.
While the asparagus was juicy & perfectly grilled, the cooking of the regular teppanyaki mixed veggies was a bit spotty with some pieces cooked nicely & some still nearly raw.
The portion size was beyond generous! All five of us went home with enough leftovers for another dinner, not just a late-night snack.
Wasabi has a very pleasant ambiance with nice décor & comfortable seats. Expect the teppanyaki counter to be too narrow for Western tastes with almost no leg room below. When the grill ventilation system is on, it’s also too noisy for easy conversation. The restaurant does have regular, quieter tables with much more leg room in another part of the dining room.
Wasabi may be 50 miles from Laramie, but the food is so good that I’ll be back to try the sushi & the Japanese noodle dishes.
The menu offers about 100 items from appetizers to desserts and a kids’ menu. While prices seem a bit high for Wyoming, they’re about average for the Rocky Mountain region.

teppanyaki scallops & shrimp

Super-jumbo shrimp juicy & perfectly cooked & huge diver’s scallops seared to a perfect medium-rare.

NY strip steak & shrimp

well-seasoned steak cooked a perfect medium-rare with huge, well-seasoned shrimp.

Asparagus (side dish)

Perfectly seared fresh whole asparagus spears seasoned just right.


Canter's Deli

 419 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA

Real Jewish Deli in LA

After growing up in Chicago, I know good Jewish deli food. Living in Wyoming, I miss it very much.
Canter’s corned beef & pastrami sandwiches were a real treat for this now-small-town girl. I even took some home for my bro & his wife.
The corned beef & pastrami are wonderful & the portions are huge!
The rye bread & potato salad were nothing to write home about, but who cares when the meats are done just right.
We all loved the bakery products & they made a memorable breakfast the next day. My fave was the hamantschen, a shortbread-like pastry enclosing a lovely apricot filling.
Canter’s menu is enormous — 7 pages of everything from breakfast items & kid’s food to classic deli entrees & old-fashioned cocktails. Reading it left me wanting to return to LA just to try some of the things that looked great.
From the deli counter, try the smoked sable fish (black cod). We all swooned over the buttery, rich, velvety fish with a lightly smoked flavor. It’s pricey, but prices on the Web are far higher & that’s if you can find it.
This deli is open 24 hours & features a food truck that travels around LA.


CK Chuck Wagon

 1502 S 3rd St
Laramie, WY

Improved food, worth another try

New owners took over the Chuck Wagon a few months ago & it’s greatly improved. If you like breakfast, try it again!
Their omelets are wonderful! The garden Florentine omelet is high on the list of the best restaurant breakfasts I ever had! Breakfast is served all day.
Try the hot roast beef sandwich — it’s meltingly tender pot roast in loads of rich gravy on bread. I’m a very good home cook, but I can’t make gravy nearly that good.
Love their thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon. It’s every bit as god as the foodie magazines’ top-rated Nueske’s.
Their new menu is very interesting for little Laramie & there are some items I can’t wait to try — the Boursin chicken, the spaghetti & meatballs made with Italian sausage & ground beef & their smoked salmon sandwich on a bagel with cream cheese & all the usual fixin’s — all look appealing.
You’ll find me there for breakfast often!

garden florentine omelet

Yum-o! These cooks know how to cook eggs just right. They’ll make breakfasts to order if you don’t want every veggie. This omelet is e really BIG breakfast, but do add a side of bacon cuz it’s just sooo good!


Cameron's Seafood & Market

 1978 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA

Seafood excellence achieved

I’d give Cameron’s more than 5 stars if I could!
I had some of the best seafood I’ve ever had there & every bite was perfectly cooked!
If I lived in the area, I’d be eating there more often than just weekly.
We started with New England clam chowder, which was very creamy, clammy & a bit winey, or perfect in my book.
The sand dabs, a small Alaskan pan fish, were a first for me & I liked them better than any other pan fish I’ve had, except brook trout — nothing can beat a fresh caught brookie!
My host’s lobster was the best-cooked lobster I’ve ever had — in other words tender & not cooked to rubber.
The hostess had shrimp fried to a golden brown outside, but cooked to tender perfection inside.
The service was attentive & fast. There was no quibble when I sent an undercooked side dish back. But I won’t gripe about sides; the important part is the fish & seafood cookery & it was wonderful.
The menu is enormous & very interesting — do look it over carefully instead of just ordering your usual.
I thought the prices were outrageous, but found out they’re very reasonable for the area market.

N.E. clam chowder

Creamy, slightly winey chowder thick with clam pieces. One of the best I’ve ever had!

sand dabs

A generous serving of perfectly cooked small pan fish coating in lovely, crunchy brown panko breadcrumbs.

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