Warren's Lobster House

 11 Water St
Kittery, ME

Legal Seafood quality without their prices

I’ll admit, it’s not quite fair to compare Legal to Warren’s, since Legal has to truck most of their stuff in and Warren’s has a dock out back for boats to deliver the catch. But I’ll continue.

Call ahead to reserve a window seat for the sunset. It’s worth it (even with the view of a working harbor).

The food? Excellent! I’ve been to Warren’s at least 5 times now and each time has been a treat. Have tried the following dishes: CLAM CHOWDER, Salmon NEW ORLEANS, SEAFOOD JAMBALAYA, THE HAPPY CLAM PLATTER, and CAPTAIN WARREN’S PLATTER.

All were wonderful!

Their salad bar is another item worth the trip for! Over 50 items to choose from and constantly kept up to make sure all items are fresh.

Don’t forget to take your “key” to the gift shop and see if you’ve won. No, I haven’t won anything yet. But I’ll be back there soon!


If you get the bowl, expect that you’ll be doing a soup and salad night. The bowl is HUGE! Excellent chowder! Rival’s Legal Sea Food on every aspect.


I normally don’t order anything cajun outside of Louisiana/Texas as most places say they know how to do it, but few actually do. Warren’s is one of the few. They know how to properly “blacken” and in this case the rest of the salmon’s taste still came through. Not the BEST blackened Salmon I’ve had, but being in Kittery, ME, it’s the best around there for sure.


Be prepared to EAT if you order the Seafood Jambalaya. Loads of seafood in here, mussels, shrimp, crab, scallops and some andouille sausge for the cajun touch, plus the sauce has a kick too.


Those clams were definitely happy before the ended up on my plate. And after they were on my plate, they were tasty!!! Lightly breaded with a crust the clam taste easily came through. Excellent clams and loads of em.


Just one word. WOW! It’s THAT good! Scallops, Clams, Haddock, and shrimp.

Salad Bar

Lots of variety and all of it fresh! Soup and bread stations as well as cheese/crackers and salad toppings.

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