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New York Deli

 510 W Casino Rd
Everett, WA


A brand new deli just opened up in this new shopping area next to the gas station. Most of the suites are still unoccupied. Josh and I ventured in the new sandwich place to give it a try.

The seating area is large with black wire “outdoor” furnishings. We got a chuckle out of the “bar style” table against the wall that employed the use of outdoor deck materials. The cinder blocks were especially comical. The family that ran the place must have recently completed a deck at their house and had leftovers to use here. Anyway I digress a bit.

The shop had an eccletic convience store feel also. Later on down the road, I would be worried about the freshness of stock here as it doesn’t seem like they would get much stock turn due to sales. Most people would come in for a sandwich.

They serve breakfast and all kinds of sandwiches hot and cold. You get exactly what the menu says (ie. if it doesn’t say you get mayo and mustard, you don’t get it). They seem to lack focus and the products seem below average due to the lack of the ability for customer order customization. They don’t wask you if you would like other fixings on it. It seems you get your order one way (their way).

The shop seemed to be “family” run, and the people working in there were not smiling or personable at all. They had very business-like dispositions (borderline cold).

Simply put my meal did little more than fill a void, which I could’ve easily done with 7-Eleven hot dogs.

No second chance for NY Deli. I’m offended they would choose a name synonymous with awesome deli’s and not deliver what their name implies. I’ll stick with Jersey Mike’s, Blimpie, or Quizno’s.

G7 Italian Sandwich

From the menu:
Deluxe ham, Genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, oil & vinegar on club roll.

The roll was too hard (maybe old), cut at about 8 inches in length from a larger baguette style with a diameter of about 4 inches. I like chewy, crispy crusts on bread with softer inside. But this roll was fairly harsh.

I enjoyed the fact that the meat was sliced very very thin. The problem was that there was about less than 6oz of meat on the sandwich. Provolone was sliced thin with 1 slice per each end of the sandwhich. Lettuce was average shredded iceberg. Thin sliced tomato and white onion. The sandwich lacked any other condiment besides oil & vinegar (both cheap quality).

Overall the sandwich was dry, and virtually unflavorful.

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